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The Roll of the Peerage is now maintained by the Registrar of the Peerage within the College of Arms

The Registrar of the Peerage (currently Mr Grant Bavister)
College of Arms
130 Queen Victoria Street,
London EC4V 4BT
gbavister@college-of-arms.gov.uk Telephone 0207 248 1188

The Registrar will be pleased to speak to anyone who is either curious about the Roll or is seeking advice or guidance on proving succession to a peerage.

Guidance Notes have been prepared (and can be viewed by clicking Guidance Notes). Copies of both, together with the standard forms of statutory declaration and petition. One set of the the Guidance Notes (Option 1) explains how peers may be placed on the Roll and petition the House of Lords as part of the process to enable them to be eligible to vote in by-elections, or if a peer does not wish to be eligible to vote, then the other set (Option 2) explains how peers may simply prove succession and be placed on the Roll.

For the current version of the Roll, go to www.college-of-arms.gov.uk/resources/roll-of-the-peerage

It is essential that persons inheriting a peerage seek to be inscribed on the Roll of the Peerage as soon as possible. While those who do not do so, may find themselves listed in Debretts or Burkes, these are commercial and not official publications. Technically, no peer who has not been inscribed on the Roll will be addressed by any Government officer or department other than as "Mr.", and the Passport Office should not show his title on any passport until he has been so inscribed.


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