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The Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III will take place at Westminster Abbey on 6th May, 2023. The full details of the arrangements are not yet known but the HPA has ascertained the following:

Unlike the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, where the capacity of the Abbey was increased from around 2,000 people to 8,000 by the use of staging, the capacity will remain, for this Coronation, at about 2,000 (The abbey was closed for six months prior to the 1953 Coronation and it is unlikely that Health and Safety rules would permit the 1953 arrangement today).

The service is likely to be greatly shortened from the 1953 version and limited to about one hour and 40 minutes. The use of Court dress will be reduced so that the majorty of participants will wear morning dress or military uniforms. Those peers participating will be asked to wear parliamentary and not Coronation robes.

We are informed that the great majority of hereditary peers will not be invited to take part. A certain number of MPs, probably chosen by ballot, will attend with a matching number of peers chosen by ballot from those who are current members of the House of Lords. The only other peers to attend will be the hereditary Officers of State such as the Earl Marshall, and those friends, who are members of the peerage, who the King might choose to invite.

The nature of other invitees is as yet unknown but it is believed that apart from foreign and Commonwealth dignitaries many members of the worlds of sport, the arts and representatives of professions will be invited.

Persons who believe they have a claim to the right to attend should submit a claim to the Coronation Claims Office at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, 100 Parliament Street, London SWIA 2BQ or email


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