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The HPA has neen notified that the following hereditary peers died since January 2000::

Aberdare, Lord (Maurice)
Ailsa, 9th Marquess of (Archibald)
Allenby of Megiddo (Michael)
Ampthill, Lord (Geoffrey)
Avebury, Lord (Eric)
Barnard, Lord (Harry
Bessborough, The Earl, (Arthur)
Birdwood, Lord (Mark)
Birkett, Lord (Michael)
Bledisloe, Viscount (Christopher)
Borwick, Lord (James)
Brassey of Apethorpe, Lord (David)
Burnham, Lord (Hugh)
Camrose 4th Viscount
Chetwynd, 10th Viscount
Chorley, 2nd Baron (Roger)
Clwyd, Lord (John)
Colville of Culross, Viscount (John)
Congleton, Lord (Christopher)
Cottenham, The Earl of (Charles)
Cowley 7th Earl (Garret)
Darcy de Knayth, Lady (Davina)
Deramore, Lord (Richard)
Devon, 18th Earl of (Hugh)
Dormer, 17th Baron (Geoffrey)
Erne, 6th Earl of (Henry
Ferrers, The Earl (Robert)
Fife, 3rd Duke of (James)
Haddington, 13th Earl (John)
Harding of Petherton , 2nd Baron (John)
Harlech, 6th Baron (Frank)
Kimberley, The Earl of (John)
Lauderdale, The Earl of (Patrick)
Leicester, 7th Earl of (Edward)
Litchfield, The Earl of (Patrick)
Lucan, 7th Earl (John ) (declared dead 2016)
Luke, Lord (Arthur)
Lyell, Lord (Charlie)
Methuen, Lord (Robert)
Monson, Lord (John)
Montagu of Beaulieu, Lord (Edward)
Moran, Lord (Richard)
Morley, 6th Earl of
Morton, 21st Earl (John)
Mountgarrett, The Viscount, (Richard)
Mowbray Seagrave and Stourton, Lord, (Charles)
Northesk, The Earl of (David)
Onslow, The Earl of (Michael)
Oxfuird, The Viscount of, (George)
Pender 3rd Baron (John)
Reay, Lord (Hugh)
Revelstoke, Lord (James)
Roborough, Lord (Henry) 
Rochdale, 2nd Viscount (St John)
Shaughnessy, Lord, (Bill)
Lord Somerleyton (Bill)
Southampton, Lord (Charles)
Strabogli, Lord (David)
Strange, Lady, (Cherry)
Strathcarron, Lord, (David)
Vivian, Lord (Nick)
Waterford, 8th Marquess of (John)
Windlesham, Lord (David)


Beaufort, 11th Duke (David)
Braybrook, 10th Baron (Robin)
Bridges, 2nd Baron (Thomas)
Churchill,, 3rd Viscount (Victor)
Cochrane of Cults, 4th Baron (Ralph)
Darnley, 11th Earl (Adam)
Bromswold, Earl
Herries of Terregles, 15th (in line) Lady (Anne)
Langford, 9th Baron
Long, 4th Viscount (Richard)
Lyell, 3rd Baron (Charlie)
Mountbatten of Burma, 2nd (in line) Countess (Patricia)
Ravensdale, 3rd Baron (Arthur)
Richmond, 10th Duke (Charles)
Rochester, 2nd Baron (Foster Charles)
Snowdon, 1st Earl (Anthony)
Wigram, 2nd Baron (Neville)
Wraxall,3rd Baron (George)
Westminster, 6th Duke (Gerald)


Alanbrooke, 3rd Viscount (Alan)
Carrington, 6th Baron (Peter)
Cottesloe, 5th Baron (John)
De Clifford, 27th Baron (John)
Digby. 12th Baron (Edward)
Eglinton and Winton, 18th Earl (Archibald)
Lovelace, 5th Earl (Peter)
Melchett, 4th Baron (Peter)
Norwich, 2nd Viscount (John Julius)
Plymouth, 3rd Earl (Robert)
Ranfurly, 7th Earl (Gerald)
Skelmersdale, 7th Baron (Roger)
Strathcona and Mount Royal, 4th Baron (Donald)
Tryon, 3rd Baron (Anthony)


If there are any other deaths which are not recorded above, the Editor would be grateful if he could be informed by email to


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